the assignment was to find materials in the world that are going to waste and design new products which could be made by recycling the material.    
 i chose sweetener packets because they're everywhere, and they tend to end up directly in the garbage. but what if we could save the millions of packets discarded every week and create something useful from them? here are a few ideas.    
  sweet sleeves.  i have found that people who use artificial sweeteners are very brand loyal. so much so they would even wear it as a badge outside their coffee as a heat sleeve.    
 by keeping the pulp rough, simple sleeves could be crafted that not only helped save people's hands...   
 but save materials, and create a unique badge for every sweetener lover at the same time.    
  sweet shakers.  here's a way to kill two birds at once. use old packaging to create new packaging in order to eliminate said packaging.    
 by taking individual packaging out of the equation, you can let users pour their favorite sweetener, while keeping branding front and center.    
 easy to make. easy to fill.    
 as i researched and worked with the materials, i discovered that thanks to the waxy interior (and the general nature of paper) that it burned really well. and really long. 
  sweet tea candles.  set the mood, on the breakfast table, or any table. they look good...   
 and they light good too.    
  coffetti.  kind of a no-brainer, but considering how much is out there, and how much Americans love their parades... it could make a difference. 
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