About me.

i've had a very lucky career.

for the past decade or so i've been able to work at some of the world's best agencies, at the times that they've been doing their best work... 

crispin: i got my start at Crispin Porter and Bogusky while Alex was at the helm. i worked harder than i ever had, learned a ton, and was promoted from Jr Copywriter to ACD within a year. and then to VP/ACD within the next six months. during my time, we won Agency of the year - twice in a row. and i won enough awards to get onto one of those top 5 lists that trade magazines like to make. 

google: i was recruited away from CPB by Google, where i helped to launch a new venture called Google Creative Lab from the ground up. and in so doing, helped to launch the latest trend in advertising, internal agencies at giant digital startups. i was lucky to see it happen, to be one of the first, and to help contribute to its success. 

wieden: then w+k called. they struggled a bit during the digital revolution and, lucky me, i had experience they were craving. after my first year, we won Agency of the Year (for the first time in a long time). and then we won it again the next year. I was there 6 years as a CD, and helped turn Coca-Cola from a traditional TV account into the biggest digital and social account in the agency.  

goodby: after 6 years of the constant rain and gray of Portland, my family and i turned to the sunshine of the Bay Area and an agency that was looking to get back onto the a-list. at Goodby, my team and I helped to win some competitive pitches and a good amount of the agency's 2018 awards. which helped to propel it back onto said a-list. (currently #2 under Wieden… so close!) it was the first agency I was at that didn’t win 'Agency of the Year' while I was there. but we did win 'Comeback Agency of the Year,' so in some ways my lucky streak continues.

next stop, Madwell. i’ll tell you how it goes.