"What’s worse than a zombie apocalypse? A zombie apocalypse without Coca-Cola. #WalkingDeadPremier"      
 "Giving sharks a new reason to show off all those pearly whites. #SharkWeek"      
 "998, 999, 1,000! Whew, Coke tab crunches make me thirsty!"      
 "Coke-moticon keyboard, the best invention since Coca-Cola."      
 "Celebrating 46,602 days of friendship between Coca-Cola and ice."      
 "It’s now official. Love is love is love. #LoveWins"  (after the recent Supreme Court Decision)       
 "testing tip: The answer is 'All of the above'.”      
 "You asked, we answered. Today, we’re proud to introduce Sip-Size Coca-Cola! In a new 10 ML, cold-activated, sip-size package."  (April fools day)       
 "Introducing the Ice Cube Ski Jump. #Cokelympics"      
 "Is this glass half empty or infinity full? #CokePointOfView"         
 "Turkeys have wishbones. Coca-Colas have wishrings. #WishForMoreCoke #HappyThanksgiving"      
 "Truly man’s best friend. #HappyDogDay"  (we made this for realz)       
 "Don’t think of it as an hour lost. Think of it as an hour we’ve bottled and saved for the fall. #SpringForward"  (we made this too - it works!)        
 "I iz delishuz? #BottleCapYourCat"      
 "The flavor is strong with this one. #MayThe4thBeWithYou"      
 "Refill the ice cube tray with Coca-Cola so everyone’s Coke stays cold and Coca-Cola-y. #HappinessFairy"      
 "Sometimes ice makes the best wrapping paper. #HolidayShoppingTips"      
 "We think the trees are trying to tell us something."  (actually lazer-cut this leaf - not easy)       
 "It has been mathematically proven that every sip of Coca-Cola is infinitely delicious. #EndlessAHH #PiDay"      
 "How to open happiness without an opener. #BottleCapHacks"      
 "Sometimes things aren’t quite as unlucky as they appear. #FridayThe13th"      
 "Its elastic properties make the tongue of youth an ideal springboard to master the Coca-Cola "Flip ‘n Sip." #TasteBudTalent"      
 "Unlock happiness. #CokenamiCode"  (yes, if you get this one you're a nerd like me)       
 "The only thing better than an ice-cold Coke is a “snow-cold” Coke. Make a #SnowCoke for the perfect winter treat."      
  (We actually created this hotline for Thanksgiving. Averaged 3+ min per call!)        
 "10 out of 10 lightning bugs prefer Coke bottles to Mason jars."      
 "How the killer robot from the future decided to become the helpful robot from the future. #RefreshmentDayPremier"      
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