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Cyber-bullying is a real thing, and it's freaking scary what teens are going through right now. I'm proud that Coke let us take a bit of a stand against it. It was especially resonant coming the Super Bowl after Coke received so much cyber hate themselves for our America The Beautiful spot. I love the poetry of that.


#MakeItHappy - Case Study

And we went beyond simply calling out cyber hate in a 60 second spot, by designing a tool that would let people call it out for themselves – and turn that hate into something happy.


Happiness Hackathon

We continued Coke's commitment to anti-bullying by hosting a happiness hackathon later in the year. The passion of the teens who came to participate in it was inspiring. As were their ideas for making the internet a happier place. 


Teen Bullying Documentary

We also created a series of online films around the issue of cyber-bullying. This one was my favorite.