About me.

I make my living as a creative director, writer, and inventor. What you might call a hybrid.

For the past decade or so I've been working as a cd at places like goodby silverstein and wieden + kennedy, leading brands like coca-cola, cheetos, tostitos, diet coke, xfinity, travel portland, ohsu and others. prior to that, i worked at google, helping to start up the creative lab, where i spent about 2 years experimenting in non-traditional advertising and soaking up the brilliance that is that company. i also spent 2 years at crispin porter + bogusky during its heyday, working with new media, product innovation, and integrated thinking. And while I don't consider myself a traditional ad guy, I've done plenty of traditional advertising along the way. 

but My passion isn't for ads. It's for big, integrated thinking with an interactive bent. Which means I also dive into product design at every opportunity. Because, the way I see it, the product is the most interactive experience a consumer will ever have with a brand.

And for me, that's where the fun is.